Why Ionic Charge Matters to Your Grow

Ionic charge soil cultivation


All soil holds a negative ionic charge which is made stronger by the addition of Quad Nutro humic and fulvic acids. This negative ionic charge allows nutrients to bind more efficiently to plant roots, increasing vegetative growth, yield and overall immunity of the plant.

In hydroponic and aeroponic growing systems the addition of humic and fulvic acids ensures that the nutrient solution has a negative ionic charge and can bind to harmful toxins, and remove them from the plant, in a closed loop system.

Quad Nutro products boast one of the largest negative ionic charges ranging from 475-550 millivolts, with similar products only having a 50-175 millivolt charge. This greater negative ionic charge increases growth and yield of plants and also improves the ability of plants to respire out toxins.

All Humics/Fulvics Are Not Created Equal

Humic and fulvic acids are naturally occurring compounds that result from the breakdown of organic materials. They are found in soil, peat moss, oceans and bodies of fresh water.

Humics and fulvics should be viewed as soil conditioners which enhance the nutrient uptake of plants. Humic and fulvic acids are an organic way to enrich the fertility of the soil and in turn feed plants.

The use of humic and fulvic acids increase plant yields and decrease the need for heavy fertilizers and pesticides. These compounds boost plant immunity and help keep crops free of pests and disease. As humic and fulvic acids increase nutrient and water uptake by plants, less water is required for the plants to thrive.

What Is Humic Acid?

Humic acid is a large molecule substance that carries a negative charge. When humic acid is added to soil or growing medium it further increases the negative ionic charge of the medium allowing nutrients to better bind to a plant’s root system. 

What Is Fulvic Acid?

Fulvic acid is a lightweight micronutrient that is high in oxygen. The addition of fulvic acid to soil and hydroponic mediums makes nutrients more available to plants by increasing oxygen levels at the roots. Fulvic acids increase the permeability of cell walls and speeds up the absorption and utilization of nutrients.

The Quad Nutro Advantage

Quad Nutro humic and fulvic acid additives boast industry-leading negative ionic charge readings and ensure that treated plants have the highest nutrient absorption rate possible. Quad Nutro products have been proven to increase plant yield by 6-10% and improve water retention by root systems.

In Quad Nutro products, carbon molecules are dissolved directly into the nutrient medium and are better able to bind to “toxins” such as heavy metals and salts, carrying them out of the plants. Quad Nutro products meant for hydroponic and aeroponic growing systems offer a clean alternative to traditional humic and fulvic acid additives and reduce build-up and algae.

The addition of Quad Nutro soil conditioners will improve plant immunity and ensure that growers are getting the maximum growth and yield from each plant due to increased nutrient uptake and utilization.


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