About Us


Welcome to QuadAG: Revolutionizing Agriculture with Humic and Fulvic Acid Supplements

At QuadAG, we are passionate about creating industry-leading humic and fulvic-based products for home and commercial cultivators. With over 15 years of experience in the field, we have been actively revolutionizing the agricultural industry. Our dedicated team of professionals, including farmers, botanists, scientists, and marketing specialists, has worked tirelessly to develop superior products that maximize crop quality and yield while preserving the environment.

Unlock the Power of Humic and Fulvic Acid

QuadAG offers a comprehensive range of humic and fulvic acid products designed for craft and commercial growers. By incorporating our supplements into your growing medium, you can experience remarkable growth, improved plant health, and enhanced overall yield.

When selecting a humic or fulvic acid product, it's crucial to consider the ionic charge. At QuadAG, we provide industry-leading ionic charge readings, ensuring optimal nutrient availability for plant roots. Our humic acid carries a strong negative charge, while our fulvic acid carries a positive charge, resulting in increased nutrient uptake by plants.

Unleash the Potential: Larger, Higher-Yielding Plants

With QuadAG's humic and fulvic acids, you can supercharge your traditional nutrient program. Our products enrich growing mediums and systems, promoting enhanced oxygenation at the root level and fostering the growth of larger, higher-yielding plants. Studies have consistently demonstrated yield increases of 6-15% for outdoor crops and an impressive 15-35% for indoor crops when our products are incorporated into cultivation processes.

Our Mission: Enhancing Productivity and Sustainability

Cultivators and farmers worldwide invest heavily in their crop's productivity, with harvests dictating their success. We understand the feast-or-famine nature of agriculture, both metaphorically and literally. That's why, at QuadAG, our mission is to improve productivity, sustainability, and reduce waste associated with agricultural operations.

As a line of ALL NATURAL agricultural additives, QuadAG supports optimal growing conditions, allowing plants to express their genetic potential while mitigating environmental pressures. By maximizing nutrient absorption, our products empower cultivators and farmers to significantly increase their yields.

Empowering Cultivators, Elevating Results

At QuadAG, our goal is to empower all cultivators with our unique products, enabling them to enhance crop quality and positively impact their bottom line. By leveraging our supplements, you can unlock the full potential of your crops, achieving extraordinary results.

The QuadAG Difference: Unparalleled Refinement and Efficacy

What sets QuadAG apart is our proprietary process, which refines our carbon into an incredibly fine particle size, enhancing the ionic charge and cation exchange capacity (CEC). Our products are engineered to deliver exceptional efficacy without clogging lines, regardless of whether you practice hydroponics or traditional soil planting methods. Experience the superior performance of QuadAG and witness the remarkable transformation of your growth system.

Revolutionize your agricultural practices today with QuadAG's humic and fulvic acid supplements. Elevate your yields, enhance sustainability, and embrace the power of nature. Join us in shaping the future of agriculture.