About Us


Who is QuadAG?

QuadAG Products have been actively used in commercial agriculture for 15 years and we are committed to creating industry-leading humic and fulvic-based products for home and commercial cultivators. Our team of industry professionals include farmers, botanists, scientists and marketing specialists who have worked tirelessly to create products that will maximize crop quality and yield, while respecting and preserving the environment.

QuadAG offers a full line of humic and fulvic acid products for the craft or commercial grower. Adding humic and fulvic acid to your growing medium increases the growth, health and overall yield of plants. 

When choosing a humic or fulvic acid product it is important to consider the ionic charge of the product. The greater the negative charge of the humic acid, and positive charge of the fulvic acid, the more nutrients will be available to the plant roots for uptake. 

QuadAG products offer an industry-leading ionic charge readings that will help to maximize a traditional nutrient program. Growing mediums and systems treated with QuadAG humic and fulvic acids allow more oxygenation at the root level and produce larger, higher yielding plants. When our products are used as part of cultivation processes, studies have shown an increased yield of 6-15% for outdoor crops and between 15-35% for indoor crops. 

Our Mission

Cultivators and farmers around the world invest heavily in the productivity of their crops and only generate revenue when it comes time to harvest. If those harvests are bountiful… it’s feast. If they’re not… it’s famine. Sometimes quite literally.

Our passion is to improve productivity and sustainability, while reducing the waste associated with agriculture operations.

QuadAG is a line of ALL NATURAL agricultural additives that support the optimal growing conditions allowing plants to express their genetic potential by relieving environmental pressures and increase how much nutrient a plant can take in. We power up nutrients to help cultivators and farmers increase their yields.

Our goal at is to empower all cultivators with unique products that will improve the quality of their crops and positively impact their bottom line. 

What makes QuadAG Different?

Our products have undergone a proprietary process that refines our carbon into a very fine particle size and dramatically increases the ionic charge to improve cation exchange capacity (CEC). QuadAG Products will not clog lines and will improve the overall  efficacy of your growth system, whether that be hydroponic or if you plant in soil.