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Aeroponics is a method for growing plants that involves no growing medium such as soil or coco coir. It is an offshoot of hydroponic gardening and involves misting the plant roots with a nutrient solution, rather than having the plants sitting in the nutrient solution as is common in traditional hydroponic cultivation.

Aeroponic growing set-ups require a reservoir and a growing tray that sits on top of the reservoir. Each plant sits in a “cup” with the roots growing into the reservoir and the canopy growing on top of the cup. Water lines deliver the nutrient solution to the roots of plants where it is misted over the root bed using specialized nozzles. Excess moisture is then collected in the reservoir and recycled for future misting intervals.

Advantages of Aeroponic Growing

One of the greatest advantages to aeroponic growing is the quality of the plants produced. Due to the fact that plant roots grow in an oxygen-rich environment and nutrients are applied directly to the roots, plants experience increased yields as well as healthier buds. Aeroponic growing also lends itself to increased trichome production, however, some consumers feel that the complex taste is missing as compared to soil grown products.

Aeroponic growing also requires very little water consumption and minimal waste production. Aeroponic set-ups can be small or large and produce fast yielding plants with little risk of pests or disease.

Finally, the set-up costs for aeroponic growing tend to be less than traditional hydroponic cultivation. Aeroponic growing does not require a growing medium and the equipment required is minimal.

Disadvantages of Aeroponic Growing

The biggest disadvantage of aeroponic growing is that it is a labour-intensive system. Plants require almost constant attention to ensure that they are being fed on schedule. Equipment failures are common in aeroponic systems and must be monitored at all times, as it only takes 60 minutes for roots to begin dying once the feeding schedule is disrupted.

Other eventualities in the aeroponic system include clogged sprayer nozzles, broken pumps, power outages and mold in the planter box. Aeroponic growing is not recommended for the novice grower and takes time and patience to master. Something as simple as a pH reading being off can compromise an entire grow almost immediately.


Quad Nutro Fuel, Foliar Feed Supplements and Aqua Water Treatment are specifically designed to work with hydroponic and aeroponic growing systems. Our products offer a unique formulation with the highest carbon solubility allowing for a clean application that prevents build up in hydroponic systems.

Carbon molecules bond to “toxins” in the nutrient solution to help plants respire out unwanted elements such as heavy metals and salts. Additionally, Quad Nutro additives cause increased nutrient uptake in plants as well as increased water retention. Therefore, less water is required when using Quad Nutro products.

Power up the effectiveness of your nutrients by combining Quad Nutro to your regular hydroponic growing routine.


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