Soil growing is the easiest, least expensive way to grow plants, however, traditional soil agriculture comes with many challenges and is traditionally dependent on environmental factors.

Soil growing is simple: place a seed in the ground or a pot with soil and it will grow. Obviously, there are many other factors that come into play when growing a healthy plant. Soil naturally carries a negative ionic charge, but when this charge is boosted the plant becomes more efficient in the uptake of nutrients and water.

Quad Nutro products offer industry-leading soil additives which carry the greatest negative charge at 475-550 millivolts. Similar products typically carry a charge between 50-175 millivolts.

Advantages of Soil Growing

The biggest advantage of soil growing is that it is easy. Soil naturally provides essential nutrients for the plant, as well as moisture, aeration, and structure. Soil also has a negative ionic charge which assists in carrying unwanted toxins out of the plant. When planting plants directly in the ground, soil provides exactly what each plant needs to grow.

There is minimal cost to setting up a soil grow as there is no expensive equipment to buy. The only cost will come from a nutrient program and soil conditioners. Amending the soil with humic and fulvic acid soil conditioners will improve nutrient uptake and water retention and create thriving plants with increased yields. This is especially important if the same soil is being used continuously for growing the same plants.

Disadvantages of Soil Growing

One of the biggest disadvantages to traditional soil grows is the risk of pests and disease. As the growing environment is less controlled, as compared to hydroponic or soilless grows, external factors may introduce themselves to a soil grow. Pests and disease can seriously damage or even kill entire crops. If one plant becomes infected it will likely spread to all plants if it is not treated in time.

Another disadvantage of soil growing is the wide-ranging quality and make-up of soils. If soil is clay heavy the plant roots will struggle to get oxygen, which will significantly reduce growth and yield. It is critical to amend soil grows with conditioners such as humic and fulvic acids. This will ensure that plants experience maximum nutrient and uptake and utilization of water. Amended soil also leads to better plant immunity and reduces the risk of pests and disease.

The Quad Nutro Advantage

Quad Nutro products are specially designed to amend the soil and increase its overall negative ionic charge. This ensures that plants are able to efficiently utilize nutrients and water and produce larger yields.

Quad Nutro products also boost each plant’s natural immunity and help it to ward of pests and diseases, which are common in soil growing.

Quad Nutro products are made from humic and fulvic acids which are intended to power up your nutrients and ensure that plants will reach their full potential. Quad Nutro products have been shown to increase outdoor yields 6-15% as well as improve overall plant health and immunity.

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